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Roller BlindsRoller Blinds
Onna's Roller Blinds is simple, practical and easy to use. It is highly recommended to complement modern architecture and minimalist interior design. Being the top selling product, Onna's Roller Blinds has the largest variety of fabric and systems to choose from.
Rainbow BlindsRainbow Blinds
Onna's Rainbow Blinds is the rising star in window covering products. It has an advanced operational feature as compared to Roller Blinds, while maintaining its style to complement modern architecture and minimalist interior design.
Shadow BlindsShadow Blinds
Onna's Shadow Blinds is a combination of Horizontal and Roller Blinds. It has an elegant dim-out fabric which is suspended in between two layers of sheer materials, allowing sunlight to shine through the window. Shadow Blinds gives you the privacy and the light that you need in a stylish way.
Vitrom BlindsVitrom Blinds
Onna’s Vitrom Blinds is the thinnest combination of Sheer and Dim-out fabric in the market. It has a roman look when the Dim-out fabric is lowered to allow sunlight penetrating through the sheer fabric and a modern look when the Dim-out fabric is raised to add additional cover from sunlight.
Roman Shades BlindsRoman Shades Blinds
Onna's Roman Shades is the answer to having a homey, classical, curtain like feeling without consuming much floor space as the fabric is stored above the window upon opening. It is also the answer for windows that are not wide enough for curtains. Onna's Roman Shades portrays the true meaning of compromising for the better result by combining the strength of blinds and curtain.
Roman Bars BlindsRoman Bars Blinds
Onna's Roman Bars Blinds is a combination of Roman Shades elegant style with Roller Blinds hard fabric. It combines the strength of both products and creates a new strong European flavour.
Vertical BlindsVertical Blinds
Onna’s Vertical Blinds is still high in demand despite the introduction of various innovative products throughout the years. It maintains its popularity by offering a flexible dual mechanic light filtering system, horizontal motion and turning motion.
Vertical Sheer BlindsVertical Sheer Blinds
Onna's Vertical Sheer Blinds combines the traditional vertical blinds with a line of sheer fabrics covering the facade and the back of the blinds alternatively, thus removing the glare from the sun when tilted open and also creating a curtain like look. It still uses the dual mechanics of both horizontal motion and turning motion.
Slimline BlindsSlimline Blinds
Onna's Slimline® Blinds is a classic that withstood the test of time. It is irreplaceable due to its durability, functionality and cost efficiency. Onna's Slimeline Blinds has perfect control to the flow of lights, not only can it control the amount of light but also the direction that it enters, mostly directed to floors and ceiling to reduce the need of artificial lighting and yet blocking the distracting glare to the eyes or computer screens.
Wooden BlindsWooden Blinds
Onna’s Wooden Blinds is your strongest ally in creating a natural outlook. Our wooden slats are chosen from quality grade timber for their beauty and durability. We offer a variety of colors and patterns.
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